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Brittney Mishio is the principal designer of Dombri Design. As a designer the balance between beauty, functionality, and how a space feels is at the centre of her work. Curating beautiful spaces that are soulfully engaging, and precise in detail.  Connection with her clients and their spaces allows her to tell her clients story through their design.

She believes your home should house your story, a space should echo your experience, your memories and should be a reflection of how you see beauty in the world. Feeling into her clients stories, experiences and vision is what inspires her to create.

Informed by 20 years of experience in design and construction, her craft strikes an artful balance between style, comfort and functionality. Resulting in homes and working environments that are balanced to the senses and that fully highlight their potential while setting the stage for deep, meaningful connections.


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In 2020, we designed and curated our first line of accessories.

Every sophisticated match strike and candle scent has been meticulously curated to work individually and cohesively throughout a space. The Palo Santo is used to clear and ground the energy in a space as well as provides an intoxicatingly calm aroma.

It all began with our clients asking how they could purchase the accessories and tools used to style their spaces. The need for well designed, intentional vessels was the spark of inspiration. There wasn't anything we could point to that was both beautifully crafted and intentional enough to display as functional art. We knew we needed to design and create it.

We are committed to working with suppliers of the highest integrity, sourcing materials ethically and responsibly. Every detail matters.

The sensorial experience of a space and how a space feels is at the forefront of everything she creates. Scents trigger emotions and emotions are how we experience a space. Designing this collection was a dream fulfilled, seeing a vision come to life.




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