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The Energy of Design

Good design is layered and experienced on many levels.


As a Reiki Master I am able to also work on the energetic level of the spaces I design. This allows me to work intuitively with you and your space. Together we narrow down the feeling desired for the new space. With that vibration I make sure all the items coming into the new space are in alignment with that vision. 

I use a variety of essential oils, Palo Santo and candle scents throughout a space in layers crafting a cohesive narrative. The sensorial experience of a space and how a space feels is at the forefront of everything I create. Scents trigger emotions and emotions are how we experience a space.

At the most basic everyone can relate to a space they have stepped into and instantly felt uncomfortable, not for any identifiable reason, simply a feeling. As well, we can all relate to spaces that may not be our style but the moment we cross the threshold we can take a deep breath and we feel instantly comfortable and want to stay. This is the feeling we are making sure is present in the final design, a space in alignment to you. 

All of our projects are designed from an intuitively curious place. We guide you through the design process connecting you with the space. We love to create mindfully curated, beautiful spaces.



Smudging is a very powerful practice and can work wonders in clearing away stagnant or unwanted energies in your home, in your heart or your mind. Learn about our ritual to energetically transform your space with scent and intention.

We offer in home + office sessions for space clearing and balancing. This is a great practice to include when moving into a new space or after a renovation. In the session we work to clear any old or stagnant energy, and any energy that is no longer in alignment to you. During the session we cleanse the space with Palo Santo and Sage. We may also suggest essential oils that can be used post visit.

Personalized energy clearing session $225

Included below is a ritual you can preform to clear and ground the energy in your space.

Shop Palo Santo here.






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