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This company, their founders and their values align deeply with me, we connected instantly. Working on this type of project, and being able to use my skills to help companies I believe in, is so deeply fulfilling to me. Seeing them thrive in a space intentionally designed is truly a gift. One of the major teachings from this past year in business and personally for me is following and TRUSTING the path and the projects that light me up, the ones that set my SOUL on fire!


In 2013, I helped this then up and coming company design their very FIRST office space. We found a beautiful space in the historic Birks Building on 104 St in Downtown Edmonton. At the time, I wasn't quite sure how I knew but I just knew this was the space for them, I now recognize this and know to fiercely trust my intuition. I knew this space would help them grow!

The Bones were great! There is just something so SPECIAL about a historic building and all the stories captured between the walls. With the construction expertise of Reid Construction and a $10k renovation budget GASP we took down walls, built offices, put up brick & wood feature walls. In order to pull off this design, I reached deep into the creative bank and asked for many favours!

With blood, sweat and tears...literally... I stepped on a nail and had to get a tetanus shot! The space was set for these social entrepreneurs to KILL IT!


See the complete FIRST phase of Project Sustainitech here.


Fast forward 4 years, and Team Sustainitech is crushing it! Running Green Carnivals and expanding their business into sustainable food production, among many other INSPIRING ventures. Needless to say, they were growing and fast, they needed more space! They completed an expansion of the space, and asked me back to furnish the new and the old, tying them together. The objective was to create a fun, functional and inspiring workspace for their whole team. There is a bit of MAGIC in walking into an office, fully set up and optimized for you to do what you do best. The space should work with you and for you!

With some reorganization, new finds and taking advantage of the pieces the team had acquired (BIG BUCK HUNTER!!) I pulled the space together marrying the new colour pallet and creating one cohesive space.


See the complete SECOND phase of Project Sustainitech here.

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